Playback is proud to present our first podcast! Welcome to Signals, a podcast produced by the graduate students in Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Playback Audio features a diverse collection of reflections on media: interviews with emerging and distinguished scholars, discussions of media pedagogy, sound scholarship, audio essays, and more.

Our first podcast features Matt Connolly, Ph.D. (Film), whose article “Liberating the Screen: Gay and Lesbian Protests of LGBT Cinematic Representation, 1969–1974” was recently published in the Winter 2018 issue of Cinema Journal. He’s joined by Nick Benson, Ph.D. candidate (Media and Cultural Studies) for a conversation on his research, from its conception to the writing process to time management. Listen in for some awesome insights into queer media histories and pursuing the publishing process while dissertating!

(Special thanks to Nick Benson for organizing and conducting this interview, as well as editing the episode!)

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