Welcome to our first Playback roundtable! We’re so excited to bring you this dynamic discussion on pedagogy, featuring graduate students in Film and Media & Cultural Studies from U.W. Madison’s Department of Communication Arts. This forum is intended to offer a variety of perspectives for other Masters and PhD students engaged in teaching work as they conduct their own scholarship, whether they are TAing, lecturing, or adjuncting. Panelists offer their experiences and helpful tips as they discuss strategies for effective media pedagogy, balancing coursework, managing various class sizes, creating inclusive classrooms, and more.

Austin Morris, Ph.D. candidate, Media & Cultural Studies
Leo Rubinkowski, Ph.D. candidate, Film
Jackie Land, Ph.D. student, Media & Cultural Studies
Nick Benson, Ph.D. candidate, Media & Cultural Studies
Jennifer Smith, Ph.D. candidate, Media & Cultural Studies
Pauline Lampert, M.A. student, Film

Special thanks to Erica Moulton for coordinating filming and editing and Austin Morris for editing!

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